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Sustainability in Nortura

Sustainability in Nortura

In order to facilitate for a future-oriented food production, Nortura must adapt to expectations, requirements and new means of production. Nortura's sustainability strategy has been drawn up on the basis of broad consultation with stakeholders from agriculture, authorities, academia, customers and civil society.

Our strategy describes sustainability in Nortura along six dimensions: How we aim to produce healthy and safe food for the Norwegian population, how food must be produced on nature's premises and how food production needs to contribute to a viable agriculture and vibrant villages throughout the country. In addition, our food production must also be responsible in industrial terms and cater for social sustainability and animal welfare. In order to achieve our goals, we are dependent on close cooperation with business, authorities, research and civil society.

We tend to say that we produce food on nature's own terms, and based on the Norwegian resources.

Based upon UN Sustainability goals

The strategy is based on the UN's ten principles for responsible business, and commits us to future growth and competitiveness in line with the UN's goals for sustainable development.

The strategy has been drawn on the basis of broad consultation with stakeholders from agriculture, authorities, academia, customers and civil society, - and is based on analyzes of research reports relating to Norwegian agriculture's impact on the environement. 

The materiality matrix forms the basis for the strategy, identifying our areas for priorities. 

Different targets for different parts of the value chain

Because we are a large industrial company and a significant agricultural player, different goals and aspects will be attributed to different parts of our value chain. The strategy is divided into targets set for our own industry and transport (scope 1) and our owners and supply chain (scope 3)

The strategy presents us with several dilemmas when it comes to future agriculture and animal husbandry. Solutions in one area can often have a negative impact on another. 

Our duty as a responsible social actor is to balance these trade-offs in the best possible way. We don't have all the solutions today, and to get where we want to go, we need dialogue and cooperation with all the actors around us.

Nortura is one of Norway's largest food producers. We receive egg and meat from thousands of farms all over the country, most of them with farming traditions customized to local traditions and based on knowledge inherited through generations. Norwegian animals have strong health due to restricitve use of antibiotics. Thats why we also claim to have a food production based on nature's premises.