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Made in Norway - the best of Norwegian nature

Nortura is one of Norway's largest food producers

Nortura is one of Norway's largest food producers. We receive eggs and meat from thousands of farms all over the country, most of them with farming traditions customized to local traditions and based on knowledge inherited through generations.

Meet our farmers

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Our farms are located where they have always been, all over the country, with different production and climate conditions. We cultivate the soil. We sow and reap. We send sheep to the mountains. Cows on pasture. Meet the Nortura farmer.


Sustainability in Nortura

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In order to facilitate for a future-oriented food production, Nortura must adapt to expectations, requirements and new means of production. Nortura's sustainability strategy has been drawn up on the basis of broad consultation with stakeholders from agriculture, authorities, academia, customers and civil society.


Norwegian animals have strong health due to restricitve use of antibiotics. Thats why we also claim to have a food production based on nature's premises

This is Nortura

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Nortura is a large Norwegian industry group with 30 production units and approximately 4,600 FTEs. Our facilities receive 260,000 tonnes of meat and eggs every year. Our major production groups are beef, pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, mutton, lamb and goat.